Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Great Answers to Tough Questions

The role of a great CV is to get you in front of the decision maker for an interview. However, the interview is the stage at which it is really “game on” - and you must perform, as typically there is only one winner.

Many applicants say that the interview is the most stressful part of the job search process. This is probably true - however, the interview is also an excellent opportunity for you to shine and impress your interviewer, if you know how.

Providing great answers to tough interview questions is a skill that you can learn. At Career Zone Consulting we will work with you, preparing you and teaching you those skills. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and a skilled interviewee knows how to provide their answers to demonstrate and maximise their strengths, and how to repackage their weaknesses into positives - we can train you the best ways to do this.

Most interviewers will ask some behavioural interview questions. These questions focus on how you have reacted under certain circumstances in the past, as this is considered a strong indicator of your future behaviour and performance. We can review your career history and experiences with you so that you have excellent answers prepared for when you are faced with answering these questions.

Career Zone Consulting will provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you require so at interview time you will shine, impress the interviewer, and maximise your employment potential.

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